Catholic Ceremony

A Catholic ceremony can only be performed in a Church and can only be celebrated if both bride and groom are Catholic.If one of the parties is of a different religion, a Catholic wedding is still possible as long as you attend the required pre-marital classes and have the paperwork approved by the religious authorities in Italy.In the case of one of the parties being divorced, the Catholic Church will not allow you to remarry in church.You must have an annulment recognized by the Catholic Authorities.

The following documents are required for a Catholic wedding:

  • Declaration from your Pastoral Advisor that both bride and groom are active in the Catholic Church and seriously intend having a religious blessing;
  • Certificate of Baptism;
  • Certificate of First Comunion;
  • Certificate of Confirmation All the above documents must be sent to the Bishop in the city of residence to obtain the ‘Religious Non Objection Declaration’. Once these have been returned to you, they must be forwarded, together with all the documents listed for the civil ceremony to the local Bishop’s See in Italy to obtain the Italian ‘Religious Nulla Osta.
We require a month as the absolute minimum to give the priest and archbishop in Italy time to review the paperwork.Cost for all documents and permissions for the religious ceremony in the Positano church is of € 1.500 (tax not included)This amount includes the fee to be paid to the Church with English speaking priest.