The flowers  are  passion, harmony, and style  and with their colours, shapes and perfume,  contribute to render the atmospheres beautiful and pleasant.

Beautiful flowers will make your special day lovely and elegant… Tell us your ideas and we will design beautiful bridal bouquets, floral arrangements for ceremony and reception venues.

Is important for us understand what the spouses want like to realize and discuss of all details considering the colours, the kind of flavours and their compositions and for the bridal bouquet has to be in style with the bride’s style and her wedding dress.

Here you have some examples


Centerpieces help set the theme of the decorations and bring extra decorations to the table.

Bridal bouquet

The clutch of blooms you choose to complement your dress will say as much about you as your ceremony and setting.

Oasi decorations

A wide range of wedding table decorations to suit every, including place card holders, centre pieces, candles and more.